Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze and Basketmouth have become something of big time clowns today with their back and forth on social media, and what’s funny is they appear not to realize how much this could cost them as well as their immediate family members.

It's been a crazy period seeing both men 'feud' on social media.

As we have seen the drama unfold, it appears Basketmouth has enlisted Bovi to help him with some more jokes given the latter’s Instagram post of Thursday, August 25, 2016.

Bovi posted this photo which was clearly an innuendo aimed at Freeze and it got the fans buzzing:

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Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Bov's innuendo aimed at Freeze via Instagram on August 25, 2016.

And then captioned it: "This just made me Freeze! Thank God for fire." To which Basketmouth commented saying: "They bark but can't bite."

With these, Basketmouth's wife Elsie Okpocha got involved as she commented on the post with smiley faces.

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Screenshot of Elsie Okpocha's comment on Bovi's Instagram innuendo aimed ai Freeze on August 25, 2016.

Let’s take this back to the basis so the picture is clearer here because the entire situation between Basketmouth and Freeze started as far back as December 2015.

Both men began 'feuding' at the second edition of the Olamide Live In Concert which Basketmouth co-hosted and wherein he threw shade at the radio host.

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Sources present at the venue say the comedian got on stage and spent minutes trashing Freeze right there, at a gig the radio host himself was present at.

It didn’t end there. Another comedian Buchi also got on stage and picked up where Basketmouth left off at the event and the jests continued to roll in.

Now, while Freeze kept his cool like nothing was happening, he got on social media afterwards and attempted a comeback as he called out Basketmouth on Instagram.

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze and Basketmouth take their tantrums to new heights, forgetting the dangers it could portend.

Basketmouth replied swiftly with this:

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze and Basketmouth continue to throw shades at each other on social media right in the full glare of millions of followers.

From there, it’s been one episode or the other from both men who ought to know better. But what’s really disturbing now is it’s no more fun and games seeing as Freeze has brought Basketmouth’s wife into the picture.

Before now (in July, 2016 specifically), Freeze got on Instagram and apologized for all his comments towards the comedian.

The controversial radio host wrote about having forgiven him a long time ago hence seeking same gesture from Basketmouth.

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He wrote: “My Dear brother Bright, @basketmouth, I miss how things used to be. If I have ever offended you, I use this as a medium to seek your forgiveness. Trust me, I have forgiven you a long time ago, and I am letting go of all the bitterness.”

Both men used to be close before things fell apart between them.

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze and Dbanj right in the Cool FM studio.

Now, with the feud still festering, Freeze has taken it notches higher and appears to be ready for full scale war because there’s no other explanation for his recent action.

On Friday, August 26, 2016, the Cool FM host got on Instagram and posted a throwback picture of himself and a lady who many say he was probably in some relationship with before now.

He then captioned the picture saying: “I had lots of hair before I started balding, LOL.

“Someone said I looked like Lucious Lyon.”

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Freeze shares a now-deleted photo of himself with Basketmouth's wife on Instagram in a bid to spite him.

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The lady in the picture with him has been widely identified as Elsie Okpocha who is currently married to the seasoned comedian (with whom he is currently at loggerheads), which pretty much explains to an extent why they could have fallen out in recent times.

It is interesting to note that Freeze is not married at present, to the best of our knowledge, since his union crashed in 2015 following several allegations.

Moving on, Freeze has thrown a deadly blow here. Although he posted and deleted the picture, the internet has been afire ever since.

And you see, the challenge with issues of this sort is even though he comes out and issues another apology again and again, it changes nothing.

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

Basketmouth ad his wife, Else Okpocha.

Same thing goes for Basketmouth as well, because the moment he does a damage to Freeze’s person, no amount of apology will suffice.

It’s really disheartening seeing this all happen especially as these men are always in our faces with their various involvements in and with mainstream media.

Let’s face it, nothing is enough justification for these acts. It’s time we moved our attentions to other important issues concerning society at large instead of all these baseless back and forths.

Freeze is failing to maintain a stellar image with his ceaseless rants, and looking at this vis-à-vis his Sunday morning show on Cool FM, it is hard to believe it is this same man who goes all ‘spiritual’ as he sermonizes for hours every weekend.

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Basketmouth on the other is failing incredibly with all this seeing as he represents major corporate brands as an ambassador.

Together, both Freeze and Basketmouth are acting so childish it gets us worried if they are bothered about doing right in front of society at all especially as they are both fathers.

Freeze, Basketmouth and their unneeded tantrums

File photo of Basketmouth and Bovi

This is really messed up and someone needs to call both men to order because it’s no longer fun and games. It never was.

And for the record, while some may feel the need to make excuses for both of them with explanations that controversy helps showbiz sell, let’s also remember that whatever we put out on the internet never goes away.

Given this, it would be ludicrous of Freeze and Basketmouth to continue in this light and bring their respective families into the puerile, social media tantrums that have become of them in recent times as they have kids who will suffer this if no one else does.

We hope they figure this out or get help in time before they both self-destruct. We will continue to pray for them.


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