Confused relationships: Men leave their wives for uncertainties

Confused relationships: Men leave their wives for uncertainties

It is no news that divorce and separation are on the rise around the world and one of the major reasons of these cracks in relationships is the fact that many are confused with regards to what they seek in their spouse 

Below are two stories that tell of some forms of confusion experienced in two different marriages. The men in this case, tends to be the ones who are confused. Read the stories and let us know what you think of the situations these men have found themselves in.

Confused relationships: Men leave their wives for uncertainties

Confused Indian man leaves wife to marry mother-in-law.

Confused man marries mother-in-law

A 22-year old Indian man, Mahto Suraj, has reportedly abandoned his wife and married his mother-in-law, Asha Devi.

Mahto claimed to have fallen in love with his 42-year-old mother-in-law when she came to stay with him and his wife, Mahto Lalita, in the village of Puraini in Bihar, in the north-eastern part of India in 2015, but two months into his marriage to his mother-in-law, Mahto says he has realized his mistakes, Gulf News is reporting.

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He is now seeking a divorce from his mother-in-law and wants to go back to Lalita, his abandoned wife.

Meanwhile, when Lalita got wind of their romance, she asked her mother out of her matrimonial home but her husband objected and later eloped with Devi to a neighbouring town where he married her.

Mahto went ahead to marry his mother-in-law despite oppositions from villagers.

However, after two months of marriage, the ‘couple’ is begging for forgiveness.

Mahto said he has come back to his senses and wants to go back to his wife.

Speaking, he said: “I have come to realize my foolishness. I admit I have committed the mistake, but will never repeat in future. Now, I no longer treat her (Devi) as my wife, rather, I have started paying her regard as a mother and an in-law that she is.

“I am on my knees, I’m begging Lalita to take me back home for the sake of our son,” Mahto added.

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On her part, Devi reportedly said she has realized her mistake.

She, however, sought for forgiveness, saying she will divorce her son-in-law.

Devi said, “I no longer treating him as my husband, but as a son-in-law.

“We have already filed a divorce petition in the court and I want to return to my husband as soon as possible,” she added.

Confused man seeks to leave wife for prostitute

Recently, a 40-year-old man published a confessional letter on Standard Media, asking for help regarding his urge to leave his wife who is in his 30s.

According to the publication, the 40-year-old man said he is set to leave his pregnant wife for a prostitute.

He narrates saying: "We traveled to Thailand on holiday for the first time eight months ago where I met a 19-year-old prostitute and, to my shame, I think I’ve fallen in love with her.

"I was at a low point – my wife is wonderful but she’s become very cold of late. I know she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t fancy me now and I have to say it’s mutual.

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"I was out on my own in town when I met the Thai girl. Talk about beautiful and exotic – she looked other-worldly. She turned me on so much and we had the most mind-blowing sex – the type of sex I’ve only ever dreamt of before. Although I did pay her, I felt there was also a meeting of minds and that she understood me.

"We met up a lot after that. I couldn’t help it – she was so warm and inviting. When we made love it felt like heaven, so we did it many times and even thinking about her now I can’t help but get turned on.

"My wife doesn’t do anything for me now I’ve been with this girl and I am contemplating leaving her and our unborn child to go to Thailand. I know it’s a risk but I don’t believe I’m just another punter to her.

"What would you suggest? I think I’m in love with her," the 40-year-old concluded.

Having read these stories, let us know what you think about the plight of these men and what can be done.


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