Blackface should have quit when ovation was loudest

Blackface should have quit when ovation was loudest

Blackface is in the news so much these days for the wrong reasons in the end we are not sure whether to call him a veteran or something else. It appears Blackface is tired, so tired you can see from all indications that he needs rest.

Looking back at the Plantashun Boiz era and now, it is easy to see why a Blackface would make spirited efforts to resuscitate his music career.

But you know what’s funny? Many observers believe times have changed and that ship has sailed.

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In case you missed it; in January 2016, Blackface made the news after he alleged that Wizkid had stolen parts of his melody on the hit song Ojuelegba, an allegation for which he released a diss song titled Killah.

Blackface should have quit when ovation was loudest

File photo of Dancehall singer Blackface

Similarly, he called out former group member Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia in January 2016, stating that the latter never gave him credits nor royalties which he deserves for co-writing the hit song, African Queen.

While all of this is understandable if they are true, the key question will be why it took so long for the Hard Life crooner to bring these details to light.

If 2baba (formerly known as 2face) wasn’t this successful, would African Queen ever have been a topic for discussion?

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If Wizkid wasn’t this big internationally, would Blackface ever have claimed the youngster illegally sampled his materials? What if Drake didn't jump on Ojuelegba, would it have been the bone of contention?

These are key questions, pressing questions that need answers so we can put this discourse in true perspective.

It becomes imperative asking these questions because Blackface was once touted as the head honcho and creative force behind the defunct Plantashun Boiz music group. He was prominent through the late 1990s into the early 2000s, writing, recording and performing with his colleagues 2face and Faze.

But all of that went into thin air with the group’s dissolution in 2004.

Innocent Ujah Idibia also known as 2baba pursued a solo career under the auspices of Kennis Music before finally becoming independent, growing from strength to strength.

Blackface should have quit when ovation was loudest unique article on Blackface and the need to quit when the ovation is loudest.

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Chibuzor Orji also known as Faze managed a fairly decent run of form for several years with his solo career.

Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, the supposed leader of the pack and also known as Blackface, however didn’t have the rosy career many would have envisaged.

Several reason are cited by industry watchers and critics but none is exactly confirmed as we are not privy to the intricate details of his solo career. While many allege unseriousness, lack of will power, substance abuse and distribution problems, it remains unclear what the core issues were as Blackface never really scratched the surface of mainstream success as a solo artiste.

What we do know, however, is that being a veteran ensures one leaves his marks in the sands of time and leaving such marks isn’t by feuding or making the news for irrelevant reasons.

In an August 2016 interview with Vanguard when asked about his earlier allegations, he stated that “[He doesn’t] want to talk about those allegations anymore though they are not yet settled.”

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He then added that “Copyright will take care of itself at the right time. I’m not worried about issues right now.”

For the most part, it sounds like empty threats especially because Blackface could easily have taken the matter to court if indeed they were real and he had proof of never being paid as claimed.

It’s been incredible to say the least.

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But more importantly, there’s more prestige and honour in leaving the stage when the ovation is loudest. Hence, if the Plantashun Boiz era is where his ovation is loudest then he might as well do the needful, or perhaps become involved with all other forms of entertainment but music.

Lest we forget, his Ghetto Child album from 2004 was a stellar piece of work. And yes, there’s a new album from him titled The Defender, hopefully he lives up to billing with the creativity in it.


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