Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

Brymo is a talented Nigerian musician. There are no debates whatsoever about this. But it is nothing new that even the finest stars fall off the pecking order and lose all the glitter upon failing to conduct themselves as expected.

As a Nigerian entertainer, when faced with the often misleading air associated with stardom and all its glitz and glam, you must look back into the history books and see where it led your predecessors.

More specifically, you must carefully examine where it led the iconic Majek Fashek who was touted as one of the finest Reggae voices of the 1990s globally.

Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

Controversial Nigerian singer and performer Brymo.

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It all ended after his drug issues crashed him like a pack of cards. He is still struggling to reinvent what’s left of a ship many believe has sailed.

The lessons are pretty clear.

Brymo is a great singer and entertainer and it’ll be criminal of anyone to belittle his genius. But the greater issues lie in the fact that talent is never enough. It takes a consistent, complete packaging to remain at the forefront of things as far as dominance is concerned.

In April 2013, the Ara singer shared two photos of himself smoking what has been widely described as cannabis as well as a chunk of the herb and he captioned them nicely saying:

It’s alright.

Actually, I smoke a lot.”

Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

Brymo smoking what has been widely described as Marijuana. Credit: Instagram

Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

In 2013, singer Brymo shared a picture of what is widely seen as Marijuana on Instagram.

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While it is common for entertainers to be habitual consumers of marijuana and other substance, it becomes worrying when they have consumed these substances so much they can no longer keep the act from the full glare of the public.

Artistes like Burna Boy, Timaya, Solid Star, Wizkid and Davido have overtly expressed admiration for the herb via Instagram posts and more, even though they represent several corporate clients.

If they don’t worry about leaving lasting legacies it should at least bother them that controversies without restraint could cost them businesses plus endorsement deals. But this is Nigeria where everything goes.

This is Nigeria where our nascent entertainment industry has seen people sign (music) deals then turn around and opt out of all such contractual ties because there are no real implications.

The realities are disturbing.

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We love Brymo. We love his rich, inimitable vocal texture but he needs to shut up and let his music do the talking. He needs to stay true to himself from time to time, if nothing else.

Brymo and the parable of empty vessels

Brymo, though a talented musician, needs to talk less and stay focused otherwise he might lose everything before attaining legendary status.

He needs to sit back for once and focus more on the finer details of improving his craft as no one is too good as to stop improving.

In June 2016, he hit the headlines rather unusually after he advised a fan to drop out of school and chase his dreams, adding that he did that personally.

In an August, 2016 interview with Abby of Urban FM, he touched on the nature of his relationship with former label Chocolate City as well as artistes at the company.

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Then he spoke on his career and musicianship explaining that there is no one like him in the local music industry as it stands.

His exact words were these:

Brymo is the biggest artiste in Nigeria, no artiste in Nigeria gets more love from Nigerians than Brymo, not one.

“I am the best music maker, the best songwriter and the best performer.”

Have a listen to the full interview below:

While this is conceited coming from a ‘youngster’ in Brymo’s mould, it is not farfetched considering his timeline of eccentric, nonconformist displays.

But it’s fine. It’s fine to blow one’s horns from to time. Only we hope our man Olawale ‘Brym0’ Ashimi realizes early enough that empty vessels make the most noise.

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And one last thing, it is imperative to remind Brymo and all others ‘in love with the herb’ of the lives of music greats like Bob Marley, Prince and Whitney Houston and the roles substance abuse played in their lives.


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