Medical doctor recounts her ordeal after waking up during surgery due to anaesthetic failure (photos)

Medical doctor recounts her ordeal after waking up during surgery due to anaesthetic failure (photos)

A Nigerian lady who is a medical doctor identified as Lole Gbarale has shared the story of how she woke up during surgery.

The young lady explained that she had discovered that she had acute appendicitis after feeling a sharp pain in her right lower abdomen.

Gbarale noted that she went to see a surgeon who examined her and told her she needed to get a surgery before it ruptures.

According to her, she went in for surgery and she was given anaesthetic and muscle relaxant before the surgery began.

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She explained that she suddenly woke up thinking the surgery was over when the surgeon said they were about to start.

The lady explained that she tried to move but she couldn’t move because of the muscle relaxant that was given to her.

Gbarale noted that when she thought everything was going to be okay and over, the surgeon announced that they would perform open surgery due to some complications.

She revealed that all she could was endure the pain for three and half hours. Gbarale explained that the experience was the worst moment of her life.

The doctor who thanked God for surviving the ordeal further revealed that she still has nightmares about the incident.

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Read her story below:

“It all happened like a flash, I was at the salon with my friend Edikan when I noticed a sharp pain in my right lower abdomen. I just brushed it off… I mean we were preparing to jet out the next morning.. So we finished and went to see a movie, now by the time we finished I literally couldn’t walk anymore.

The doctor in us kicked in and I paused and quickly examined myself and elicited the signs to diagnose acute appendicitis and they were all positive.. So we go do a scan and it was true… Went to see a surgeon to clear me to fly the next morning and he examines me and says “if you as much as go a little feet in the air, the pressure will cause rupture.. you need a surgery tomorrow."

Now this was already 8pm on Sunday. I called my Dad and explained and called my bestie and immediately she got ready to fly down to where I was the next morning. Now to the scary part; “my awareness under anesthesia” so I am taken to the theatre, prepped for surgery and injected with the anesthetics and muscle relaxant and then masked and bagged and briefly I was off and after a while I realised I was conscious but because of the muscle relaxant I couldn't move.

So I just assumed the surgery was over, then I feel them drape me and the next thing I hear the surgeon say "OK so we are about to start"…. I am like what!!!! what do u mean?.

The next thing he makes the first cut they pull and I could feel every single thing, I tried to move something but couldn't, I tried… gosh.. I started praying, I was like Jesus help me! help me! this pain is too much! please helpppppp!! and while I thought OK its a laparoscopic surgery.. there won't be more cuts… the surgeon says omg! she has multiple adhesions.. we have to do an open surgery.. I am like nooooo… God noooooo! and then they start cutting again… lord Jesus..hmmm.. well finally it ended and it was my worst nightmare.

I got out and tears welled up in my eyes. because for over 3 and a half hours of surgery I was awake! I still dream about it… my surgeon and anesthesiologist keep apologising, truthfully I don't blame them because they didn't know but in all I am grateful to be alive and well. This is my story. MY awareness.”

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