My dad died after sending N3m for his boss' wife to buy him a car - Nigerian man cries out

My dad died after sending N3m for his boss' wife to buy him a car - Nigerian man cries out

- A Nigerian man has cried out for help after encountering serious problems

- His father asked his boss’ wife in Dublin to help him buy a truck and sent N3m

- The poor man died shortly after then without getting the truck; the boss and his wife have refused to refund the money

A Nigerian man is in serious dilemma and in dire need of help. The man whose identity was not disclosed explained he needed help in sorting some family issues and would appreciate it if people gave him brilliant ideas.

The man revealed his father worked in a law firm and had a truck which he was using for business as an additional source of income. He was said to have employed an old man to drive the truck and help people carry their goods within Lagos.

According to the man, the business did so well his father made plans to expand it and do more. On this note, he sent over N3m to his boss’ wife who resides in Dublin so she could help him get a truck.

His father’s boss, being a lawyer, had drafted out the paper works in order to get the truck to Nigeria. Things were going well until the old man his father employed and placed on monthly salary had an accident with the truck he was entrusted with.

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A lot of properties were destroyed in the process and a life was lost. The narrator’s father did all he could to save the old man from spending the rest of his life in the prison and eventually bailed him out. This made him lose interest in the business. The truck was also in the custody of the police as it was damaged beyond repair.

While all these happened, the man said his father’s boss’ wife did not buy the truck. He also said his father did not collect the money from her immediately.

In the same year, his father got sick and died shortly after that. The boss’ wife was called after a year in order to get the money from her. It was then she revealed the truck had been bought even though the family suspected it was a lie.

She told them she would have to sell it off to refund the money. The family of the deceased was shocked and did not know why the woman and her husband behaved that way. Out of frustration, the mother of the young man called her husband’s boss and he sent them fifty thousand naira asking them to manage it.

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He promised them they were going to sell the truck soon and send the money across to them in Nigeria. The son of the deceased who shared this sad story is in pains and does not know what to do. Him and his people do not have the document to show the transaction actually took place between the dead man and his boss.

What do you think he should do?

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