Ghanaian man with 100 children speaks up

Ghanaian man with 100 children speaks up

- An 80-year-old Ghanaian man with hundred children has revealed his desire to have more

- The old man fathered the children through his twelve wives

Kofi Asilenu, an 80-year-old Ghanaian man who lives in Amankrom, has expressed his desire to have more children despite being the father of a hundred already.

The family of Asilenu makes up a third of the population of the people in the village. Amankrom is about forty five minutes-drive from Accra. The elderly man’s reason for wanting a large family was traced to the fact that he did not have any siblings.

According to him, he has no uncle or brother and wants his children to give him a befitting burial once he is gone.

Ghanaian man with 100 children speaks up

80-year-old man with hundred children expresses his desire to have more children. Source: BBC.

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I don’t have any brother or uncle, that’s why I decided to have many children so that they can give me a befitting burial when I die. In my home town if you give birth to one child they will say you are important so I want to have many children," he said.

Asilenu revealed that he was comfortable initially; however, the cost of raising such big family is draining his resources. The old man also acknowledged the fact that his children help him financially.

Despite his age, the Ghanaian man is agile and revealed that he is willing to have more children. The old man mistakenly proposed to his own daughter some years ago. Asilenu was forced to apologize to the young lady while claiming he had an eye problem and could not recognize her.

Polygamy is not a big deal in Ghana as having more children makes one wealthy. The 80-year-old man’s wives seem contented with the set up. Nayome Asilenu, the first wife expressed her views about her husband’s action.

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When I married my husband and he decided to marry more women, I didn’t have any option. He’s able to take care of us, pay the children’s school fees. They are healthy and strong so there’s nothing wrong with that."

However, the use of birth control measures is changing things as women seem to be in control now.

Watch the TV video below to see how disturbed this Nigerian woman is after losing four children:


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