Lady narrates how she dumped boyfriend who asked her to cook for him

Lady narrates how she dumped boyfriend who asked her to cook for him

A lady says she dumped a man she was interested in after he asked her to cook for him and his friends.

The unidentified lady expressed that the young man asked her to cook for him and his friends on their first date.

She explained that he came to her house to pick her up and they went over to his house.

According to her, after a while of hanging out with him and his friends, the young man told her to go into the kitchen and cook for them.

The young lady further explained that she refused to do so but he insisted and said it was her responsibility because she is a woman.

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Ifediba Oluchi the lady who shared the post on her page

Read the story below:

"I met this guy, let’s call him Mr. C a few years ago through a friend. He was everything most girls would want; young, rich and cute. I had only known him for two weeks before he invited me over to his new crib which he had just spent a small fortune furnishing."

"Going to his house was kind of the first date we were going to have. He came over to my place to pick me up and I looked forward to a pleasant evening. We got to his house and I was impressed with the decor. He had a good and decent place."

"After sitting for a while, he said he was hungry. I asked him what he wanted to do about it. Mr C looked at me and told me he had chicken in his freezer that I should go inside and prepare rice so we ( I, himself and a few of his friends who came over) could eat. I was shocked but pretended not to hear him. He said it again loudly and I politely asked him “Why should I cook for you and your friends”?"

"He looked at me and said, “you are a woman you should know how to put the house in order whenever you are around”. This was the first date. I haven’t known this dude for more than a few weeks and there he was already dictating what I should do or shouldn’t do as a woman."

"I declined cooking for him and after 30 minutes he got up, drove to a nearby fast food and bought me rice. I ate the food, told him thanks and asked him to drop me off. The relationship never worked out because I refused to go on more dates with him."

"I have nothing against cooking. I will gladly cook a three-course meal, clean the entire house and mop a compound if I want to do it. I, however, will not do any of those things for a guy who thinks it is my responsibility."

"Cooking is not a woman’s thing. Cooking is a skill that can be learned by anyone. I am not supposed to cook, be a prayer warrior and always be kindhearted because I am a woman."

"I dumped a potential boyfriend because he asked me to cook and I do not feel bad about it."

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Some Nigerians believe that cooking and taking care of the household is a job mandated for every woman. Do you think she was right to dump the man because he asked her to cook?

Can you marry an older lady or a younger man?


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