Prophet allegedly defrauds businesswoman for N70m, two houses and two cars (photos)

Prophet allegedly defrauds businesswoman for N70m, two houses and two cars (photos)

- Lagos state police has launched an investigation into a prophet who defrauded a woman under the pretext of healing her

- The prophet allegedly defrauded the woman of N7Om, a duplex, two five-bedroom bungalows and two cars

A 45-year-old prophet at a church in Oke Ira, in Ogba area of Lagos state, has been arrested for allegedly duping a woman he promised to heal of fibroid.

The prophet, who was simply identified as, Oladele, is accused of defrauding the woman of N70m, a duplex, two five-bedroom bungalows, a Lexus and Toyota Highlander, 2014 model. gathered that the woman’s ordeal began in 2007 after she was told that her womb has to be removed to heal her of fibroid.


Prophet arrested for taking N70m, three houses to cure fibroid

She was introduced to the prophet after she rejected her doctor’s advice and started to search for an alternative solution.

The 43-year-old woman had been battling with the ailment for 14 years before she met the prophet.

According to The Punch, the prophet gave her some concoction and promised to make the fibrous tissue disappear. Oladele had received N98,000 for the concoction at the time.

It was gathered that she had felt better for a while but the aliment returned two weeks after and she returned to the prophet.

The prophet started coming up with false prophecies to extort money from her. He claimed her husband was after her life and that of her three children.

A senior police officer of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), revealed that the woman is from a prominent family in Lagos.

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The SFU officer said: “The woman is from a prominent family in Lagos State and she is a businesswoman. She had fibroids for 14 years and was driven from pillars to posts, looking for healing. Eventually in 2007, she met a woman who introduced her to the prophet.”

“The prophet told her that her husband was the cause of the heavy blood flowed. He said the husband wanted to kill her and that as long as the blood flows, the husband would continue to make more money. He said the husband had to be eliminated for her to live well. He also told her to bring her children two females and a male for spiritual cleansing, saying their lives were also in danger.”

“He gave the children some concoctions. He lived in the woman’s house in Ogba with her children whenever the husband was not around. By this time, he had taken control of the woman and her children. At a point, he told the woman to build a five-bed roomed duplex for him at Ijoko (Ogun State), which she did within three months. She also purchased a Toyota Highlander, 2014 model, and a Lexus GX470, 2013 model, for him.”

“He told the woman that she must build two five bed-roomed bungalows for him in Ado Ekiti so that her son madness would not return. After she built the houses, he told the woman to stop having sleeping with her husband if she wanted to live long.”

“The woman made several transfers into his three bank accounts. We have been able to get records of the transfers to one of his banks which ran into over N70m.”

It was gathered that luck ran out on the prophet in March when one of the woman’s children found out that the family was being defrauded after he allegedly collected more money from her for spiritual cleansing.

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Another Special Fraud Unit investigator expressed that the woman’s son who is a lawyer reported the case to the police.

The investigator said: “The lawyer informed their father and the case was reported to the police. the prophet was arrested in Ado Ekiti, where he had gone to obtain a chieftaincy title.”

An official of the Special Fraud Unit, Ngozi Braide, disclosed that the suspect confessed to the crime.

Braide said: “We have been able to trace about N70m to his bank account. In his statement, he said he healed the woman of the fibroid.”

She revealed that the man claimed he did not use charms on the victim that she had given him the money at her own will.

The investigator said the prophet confessed that a woman introduced the victim to him and he paid her for the service.

Braide said the police had launched a manhunt for the accomplice, adding that the prophet had been granted administrative bail and would be charged to court after the completion of investigation.

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