Chibok girls abduction survivor shares terrifying experience (photos)

Chibok girls abduction survivor shares terrifying experience (photos)

A survivor of the 2014 Chibok school girls abduction has shared her terrifying experience with an audience of education leaders and policymakers in Dubai.

The girl who was identified as, Sara, a name she choose to conceal her identity due to fears of her and her family’s safety, shared her experience on Saturday, March 18.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram survivor tells kidnap and escape story

According to her, she and her classmates knew immediately they heard the gun shots that Boko Haram was in the school premises.

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She expressed that they waited for their teachers to come to their rescue but no one came. She said: "The Boko Haram came to Chibok town and they were shooting guns and yelling at night. We heard the sounds and we knew that it's them.”

"We didn't know what to do, waiting for the teachers to come and tell us what to do, without knowing that the teachers had run away."

"They surrounded us with guns and said we shouldn't run or shout, if we did they would kill all of us. So we followed them. They started burning the school, they burnt our clothes, our books and everything."

Chibok girls abduction

Chibok girls abduction survivor shares terrifying experience

She said she and are classmates were gathered under a tree and forced at gunpoint to climb into the back of a large truck.

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Sara said: "I was sitting in that truck, thinking where are we going, what are they going to do with us. So I turned and said to my friend, 'I'm going to jump out too', I told her I'd rather jump out of the truck and fall down and die, maybe my parents will see my body, than to go with them and to not be found."

The young girl explained that she jumped from the moving truck and she did not know if her friend had followed her. She added that she hid in the trees, waiting for the convoy to pass.

Sara finally came out of her hiding spot when it got dark and she heard her friend crying and calling her name. She found her with injuries, so they waited under a tree until morning.

She added with a deep sorrow in her voice that her friend had told her to leave her to die because she couldn't walk.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram threatens family members of Chibok girls who escaped

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A shepherd later found them and wheeled her injured friend to a village on his bicycle, where they got help to get back to their home village. The following day, they saw videos from Boko Haram threatening to find and kill those who escaped and their families.

Sara, who aspires to be a medical doctor expressed that she is happy for the girls who were released but she also feels sad for the others that didn’t return.

Boko Haram

Another Boko Haram survivor meets government official after rescue

She said: "The day I got the news of the girls being released, I was so happy and excited that at least some of them came back. But also sad at the same time, because why only 21 out of 219 that came back?”

Boko Haram has killed over 6600 people in 2014 alone, displacing millions from their homes. The Nigerian army has weakened the group's hold over the North-Eastern part of the country.

21 of the girls were released in October 2016, after two years of negotiations between the militants, the Red Cross and the Swiss government.

Watch's exclusive interview with Boko Haram survivors below: is hopeful for the return of the other 195 girls who are still missing and our prayers are with the soldiers who are fighting so hard to keep the country safe and return the girls.


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