Read last words of NAF officer who killed his girlfriend, he might face firing squad (photos)

Read last words of NAF officer who killed his girlfriend, he might face firing squad (photos)

A note left by the Nigerian air force officer, Lieutenant Kalu, who shot his colleague/lover dead over suspicion that she was cheating on him with another man has been found.

NAF officer

Read last words of NAF officer who killed his girlfriend

He left a note explaining his actions, adding that he would also kill himself after he kills his girlfriend. Kalu who must have changed his mind at the last moment out of fear, was arrested and detained at the air force base in Benue state.

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Read note below:

Read the note below:

"It’s a privilege for me writing this note because it would be read by most of men."

"It’s a love story of a guy falling in love with a wrong witch who pretended to be good in my eyes and in the eyes of my loving mother. Am a simple guy who never partake in name various (nefarious) activities. Most individuals say I have a future here it is. Am a guy who pull two rounds in a witch and one round to my f*cking body."

"For it is said he who kill by the sword shall die by it."

"Most idiot would insult me, yes! If I were to be in there shoes I would do the same likewise if they were to be in my shoe, they would even pull more than three rounds on the witch."

"Call me crazy lover who died for heartbreak."

Meanwhile, the man, Sunday Akoji, who obtained Kalu’s note and shared it on social media has made his opinions on the matter known.

Akoji expressed that he hopes Kalu would by sentenced to death by firing squad for killing a fellow officer.

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He also shared the story of how the couple met. In his post, he explained that the couple met and fell in love at a boot camp in 2016.

NAF officer

Last words of NAF officer Kalu

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Read post below:

Yesterday while my account was still under suspension, I posted a story of a Nigerian Air Force Airman who shot and killed his girlfriend, a fellow Air Woman for allegedly cheating on him.”

“Both of them met at the boot camp and fell in love in 2016 when they joined the Air Force. They were posted to the Nigerian Air Force Tactical Air Command in Makurdi. Airman Kalu aka Mr LoverMan put a bullet in the neck of Air Woman Sholape at 4:36am on Sunday morning in his apartment where the lovebirds spent the night. He then proceeded to update his Facebook status speaking incoherently like the lunatic that he is.”

“He left a note, but the coward wasn't man enough to put a bullet in his own neck. Don't dignify this act of stupidity and callous murder of an innocent soul by a deranged, unhinged lunatic who can also pass for Lucifer himself, as an act of love by comparing it with Williams Shakespeare fictional character, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, as some idiots I see on blogosphere are currently doing. As the sage puts it, do not underestimate the power of STUPID people gathered in large crowds. How anyone will justify killing a lover because of infidelity in the 21st century is beyond my comprehension.”

“I have read the note left by the murderous coward who is so lily-livered and chicken hearted that he cannot even put a bullet on his own head, and it made no sense to me. Biko read and tell me if you can make sense of the hogwash he penned down as part of his carefully planned murder and failed script?”

“Airman B.A Kalu was arrested after killing his girlfriend with his service pistol and updated his Facebook page. He actually misled the public because he is worse than a coward and didn't have the nerve to kill himself. He is currently under Air Provost Detention at the Makurdi Air Force Base and awaiting Orderly Room Trial in a military court according to Military law. Hopefully he will get a bullet in the neck after a verdict of GUILTY for killing Service personnel is handed over to him, with death by FIRING SQUAD. As they say in law, Res Ipsa Loquitor - The facts speaks for itself!”

“This unequal and unparalleled act of brutal savagery cannot be found in history. Not even in the Hobbesian state of nature described by Thomas Hobbes, where man survived in the wild, ravaged by hunger and diseases as he gather woods and hunt for games in order to survive the element.”

Do you agree with him?

Nigerians who were moved by the story of the NAF officer who shot his girlfriend have reacted. Some people believe the officer had a mental breakdown while others defended him, saying he did it for love.

Read below:

NAF officer
NAF officer
NAF officer

Watch video below:


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