Notorious kidnapper's herbalist reveals why he died during police shootout

Notorious kidnapper's herbalist reveals why he died during police shootout

Following his arrest after notorious kidnapper Vampire's death, his herbalist claims he was killed simply because he failed to use his disappearance charm.

Following Henry Chibueze aka Vampire's death during a police shootout in Imo state, his herbalist Iweajuo Gad, who was recently arrested in Abia state, has revealed why he died despite having taken charms from him.

Vampire, who killed 3 of his cousins, forgot to use disappearance charm, says his herbalist

Vampire's juju man claims he was killed because he didn't use his disappearance charm

Iweajuo who was picked up from his shrine at Asoeme in Aba, said Vampire probably forgot to tie the 'disappearing' charm he had given him round his waist during his encounter with the police.

Speaking after his arrest, Iweajuo said:

Yes, I was his juju man. I performed the special ritual that made his escape from the Owerri High Court. I did it with the assistance of three other herbalists. Part of the rituals included causing disagreement among prison officials. We got the names of 7 prison officials through the help of Vampire’s brother. I was paid N700,000 for the ritual.

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One of the suspects Chukwuebuka Ikeazota, who was arrested after Vampire's death, revealed his relationship with him and how he killed three of his cousins including a soldier. He said:

I am related to Vampire by blood. He stopped coming to our house about 10 years ago, after he killed a soldier in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I didn’t see him again until 2015, when he was arrested.

Before his arrest, he killed three of my uncles because they swindled him of some money he gave them to build a house for him. I used to visit him while he was in prison; to buy him food.

During one of the visits, he gave me a note to take to his native doctor in Abia State. He was always in constant communication with my elder brother Cornelius. He (Cornelius) was the person Vampire gave money to buy SUV for him and he knows where Vampire kept his weapons.

Vampire usually gave out his rifles for hire to various gangs of kidnappers operating within the state. It was Cornelius that organised the boys that went to the court to rescue him. Thereafter, they brought him to our house. Two days after his release, he regrouped his boys and they went into town, kidnapped four persons."



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