Woman calls her 60-year-old mother 'ungrateful'

Woman calls her 60-year-old mother 'ungrateful'

A reader who chose to be anonymous, decided to call out her mother for being 'ungrateful' despite everything they have done to take care of her.

Woman calls her 60-year-old mother 'ungrateful'

An anonymous reader chose to put their 60-year-old mother on blast, accusing her of having a huge ego and also being ungrateful despite all they had done to make her life easy and comfortable.

See what they wrote below:

"Hi fellow humans, my beloved mother is unknowingly forcing me to hate her. She has suddenly become megalomaniac.

She always want to have the final say in every issue not minding the feelings of others. She doesn't waste time to switch her allegiance and love to any of her children that has it big at the very moment.

She is in her 60s but always believes she knows the current things more than us. Imagine the torchlight Nokia phone we bought for her she can't even operate it well, but is now telling us that we don't love her because we didn't buy android touchscreen phone for her to be browsing. What is she going to browse? when she can't even communicate with english fluently.

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You will teach her one thing for many months and even spend years doing serial correction for her, yet she won't get it right. She is also very ungrateful... She lacks nothing as we timely assist her with upkeep allowances. My dad still provides for all her daily needs too.

I can't even say much, in fact I thought of killing myself yesterday because of her unbearing attitude...This megalomania is destroying the love I once had for her.

Please what do I do as I have tried talking to her about this severally, only for the peaceful talks to snowball into a fierce quarrel of which its echo reached the next day.

Please what should I do?"

Some people reacted to the public outburst. They said:

"My brother I will advice you to buy am for her o.. Even if ńa laptop she wants.. Buy am for her.. All these mothers.. Some of them supernatural being o.. But you will never know Lailai.. Let me stop here."

Another said:

"See how you're talking about your mum in public. Show some respect. Your upbringing says a lot."

Another wrote:

"You don't love your mother, you never did! When you have grown up kids, you'll understand more! Mtchewww.......For now, karma is waiting for you!"

Another wrote: She's your mom. Treat her as one. If you continue to exhibit this your idiotic character and she dies this your hate will turn to love and na you go cry pass for her plus you'll regret ever thinking you hated her. If you like don't love ya mama. Me wen nor get mama dey wish say my mommy dey alive you wen get hate your own. Receive sense."

What do you think?

Source: Gossip.naija.ng

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