Nigerian teenager who overcame dyslexia builds electrical appliances (photos)

Nigerian teenager who overcame dyslexia builds electrical appliances (photos)

A 19-year-old, Tobi Rasheed Ayanwoye, who overcame dyslexia has become a genius who builds electrical appliances.

Ayanwoye is a native of Oyo state, born in January, 1998. He is a student of the Federal Government College, FGC, Ogbomoso.

Dyslexia is a form of disability that impedes reading, spelling and writing. Due to the extent of the disability Rasheed was accused of being under a spell by those who did not understand it. He was rejected by classmates and friends. He had to repeat classes because of his inability to read and write.


Nigerian teenager overcame dyslexia to build electrical appliances

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A miracle happened in 2014 when Rasheed discovered his ability to build electric appliances which was covered up by his inability to read or write. After he found out about his talent he eventually overcame his dyslexic condition, with the support of his late mother and some of his mentors.


Ayanwoye overcame his condition with the help of his late mother and teacher.

During an interview with Premium Times, Ayanwoye explained that he was scared of failing in school because of his disability. He said “With my dyslexic condition, I was scared because I never wanted to become a school drop-out. So I discovered that I can create and invent technological appliances.”

“Of course, I wanted to innovate because I could not write. So in a way, my poor reading and spelling abilities made me discover my talents.”

Ayanwoye expressed that his condition made life difficult for him. He said: “It was tough for me, whenever I saw an alphabet, I mistook it for another.”

The young boy's teacher and mentor, Ishola Abdulkabeer, who helped Ayanwoye to overcome his disability said he was able to guide him because of his knowledge of the disability. He said: “Some teachers in the school believed Tobi was under a spell and this was the story I had to believe”

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“Fortunately for me, watching the movie ‘Like Stars on Earth’ changed that psyche. It featured a character (Hishan) who also suffered from Dyslexia like Tobi. We sat to watch the movie with Tobi and I asked him what his inference was, then he told me this was exactly what’s wrong with him. The first thing I did was to carry out a background research on his learning history.”

Abdulkabeer explained that after he found out about Ayanwoye's disability, he went ahead to learn more about it and seek advice from more educated experts. He said: “We explored the OneNote application for synchronizing exercises via PC and mobile while enjoying the digital inking feature. We gathered videos from YouTube about people who had overcome the dyslexia challenge. The scrabble game was also helpful for letter identification and word formation. We equally watched inspiring movies like Akeelah and the Bee which spurred his dictation to perfection.”

Some of the 19-year-old's designs include a self-built solar-powered lawn mower, a solar-powered grinding machine and a foot mat alarm.


The 19-year-old built a solar powered lawn-mower, a doormat with alarm and a solar powered grinder

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was informed about the young boy’s talents and numerous projects. After hearing about Ayanwoye's talents, Saraki invited him to the senate to present his projects.

The date for the presentation has not been set.

God is great!


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