Woman narrates how she was scammed by a fraudster who promised her marriage

Woman narrates how she was scammed by a fraudster who promised her marriage

Have you ever been scammed by fraudsters before? This lady who chose to be anonymous chose to share her story about how she met someone on Facebook who scammed her after proposing marriage to her.

Social media has been a breeding ground for potential scammers and gullible/innocent people are being scammed at every given opportunity.

A lady shared her story about how she met a man who she thought was her 'potential husband' on Facebook, and how she 'got engaged to him' and even started planning their wedding, even though they HAD NEVER MET.

Sharing her story she wrote to AmandaChisomBlog:

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"Good evening Amanda, please conceal my identity. Just want to give a warning to ladies out there to be careful of the so called love found on Facebook. I thought mine will be like the lovely testimonies of people getting engaged/married on social media. But no.. it's not.

Normally I don't add you as friend if we don't have a mutual friend. But this time around after checking his profile pic I saw he was a good looking young man and also comfortable. So I added him. Two weeks after the addition he broke the silence between us and we started chatting. As days passed he made known his intentions towards me and that he would like to come down to lagos (cos he lives in abuja) to see me and my parents to finalise the marriage thing.

For my mind i be like..'shey na my own miracle be this, make i see how things will unfold.' I agreed and plans were made for his arrival. All these was going on while he was in communication with my parents and i also with his mum. Forgot to mention that his mum was always telling me to tell her son to come and quickly do the necessary things fast. But i also reassured her that all will be well, that he is taking his time.

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On the D-day of his arrival, i got a call from him but it was someone else who spoke to me. He introduced himself as Inspector James Akpan and told me that the owner of the phone was involved in an accident, that he knocked down a pregnant woman and man. That they have been rushed to the hospital and they needed money for urgent treatment. That i should send a particular amount to his account to commence treatment.

For my mind i was like 'so all those your cars and money you don't have 50 thousand naira with you?'. I asked for the where about of my boyfriend and was told he was behind the counter. To cut the long story short, to solicit for the amount I asked my elder sister of which I had to narrate the story to her. To my greatest surprise, she told me not to send any amount to him because that's what these criminals did to her neighbour, who spent up to 600 thousand naira for so called hospital treatment and bail. Not only her neighbour did the thing happen to, also 3 other girls she knew in her work place all sent specific amount to this guy.

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With the constant calls from the inspector and Fred obioma (that's the fraudster's name) saying if I don't help him out and if the injured people die it will be another case, I told them I won't send any money, if he can't call his sister abroad, his relatives or simply do E-banking, that he shouldn't call me any longer.

That was the last I heard from him. But anytime I turn up my chat room he is always online, maybe turning to dupe another innocent girl all in the name of "I want to marry you". So my beloved shine your eyes well o. His name is Fred obioma please let the ladies know who he is so they don't fall into a snare.

The same mum who has always being singing to my ears that her son has built 2 houses and got fleets of cars that she's not interested in those things. It's a wife and grandkids she wants was begging me to please send the amount needed for the treatment of the victims and when her son comes out from police custody he will pay me back".

Hmmm! What do you think?

Source: Gossip.naija.ng

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