Stepdaughter beats woman in Kebbi state

Stepdaughter beats woman in Kebbi state

A story posted on Instagram reports that a woman in Kebbi state, was allegedly beaten by her stepdaughter.

Stepdaughter beats woman

Stepdaughter beats woman in Kebbi state

According to Aunty Ziya, who shared the story on Instagram, the woman has repeatedly suffered physical abuse at the hands of her husband's children. An earlier incident occurred when her stepson beat her up while he was drunk.

The story explained that the woman’s stepdaughter, (a married lawyer) who lives in Sokoto state, came home after her mother (the first wife) called her to report an incident that had supposedly occurred at home. She said the lady came into her room, locked the door and started beating her and her daughter.

Woman beaten by stepdaughter

Stepdaughter locks her stepmother in a room and beat her up

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Read what she wrote below:

"{Somewhere in Kebbi state Nigeria, is a literate widow who re-married a man that has one illiterate wife with kids. The second wife hasn't found ultimate happiness but is doing what some African Arewa women are doing "being patient in her new home especially with her co-wife. Things are soar, there was this time her stepson(drunkard) beat her up because she had an argument with his mother.
I don't want to talk of other assaults that happened against her before, the most recent is when her daughter from her former marriage visits her and her co-wife refused to give her food (they take turns to cook). According to her, there was no more food (one of the excuses she always gives whenever the second wife has visitors). She reported her to their husband and he scolded the first wife.
One thing led to another, the first wife rang her daughter who is married in sokoto state to come over. Only Allah (SWT) knows what the first wife told her daughter. Next thing, her daughter went to her stepmother's room, locked the door and started to beat her stepmother's daughter. Not minding she's a lawyer and knows the implications of her actions, started to beat her step mother also when she tried to stop her from beating her daughter. Their husband broke the door to get in to stop what was happening because his daughter refused to open the and stop beating her stepmother.}
WHATEVER IT TAKES WE MUST FIND JUSTICE FOR THIS WOMAN @drzus someone in Kebbi needs help.. We can't keep on like this.. NOOOOOOO! This is unacceptable behavior ba jaka aka kawo musu ba.. This is the second time this woman is showing she have kids to fight for her.. Well guess what she now have people to fight back... Wallahi WITH FULL FORCE I WILL NOT REST TILL I GET JUSTICE FOR YOU... NO THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.. WALLAHI SUNYI KADAN.. "

Na wa ooo!


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